UK Research Project: Gender Recognition Act 2004. Call for Participants!

A PhD student in the Law Department at the University of Kent is conducting a research project on people’s experience and views of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) in the UK.

How do trans* people engage with the requirements in the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and how does knowledge about this issue impact our current understanding of the legal consciousness of minority groups?

The researcher is hoping to interview people at any state of their transition and at any point during the legal recognition process living anywhere in England or Wales.

If you want to take part or have any questions please contact Flora at

See Flora’s research page for more details.

Nonsense Numbers

Nonsense Numbers - results of the readership survey!


Riding on my momentum from doing user research at work, last week I posted a Neutrois Nonsense Readership Survey, and now I want to share some of the results with you.

It’s been 3 years since I started this humble blog, and the Neutrois Nonsense franchise has expanded to inhabit multiple web-crevices. In the end it’s all run by one little tiny (awesome) person, with an inexplicable drive to keep it going. This helps me keep it going a little while longer.

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Hi! I’m Micah and I run Neutrois Nonsense across many platforms.

Take this quick survey to help me get a sense of who my audience is and how my online work can best serve you.

I’m going to close the survey in a day or two. Reblogging one last time for those who haven’t seen it or had a chance to respond. Huge thanks to everyone who has!

Outside the Binary Photo series: Callout for Participants

Photographer Chloe Aftel is looking for non-binary / genderqueer / gender non-conforming / gender diverse participants for her latest project. I personally worked with Chloe for the SF Mag article and enjoyed her respectful process and style.
Signal Boost and, if you are interested, email her!
Here are the details:
I am working on a photo series (part of which was just featured in SF Mag) on people living in between and outside the gender binary. I want to explore who you are and how you present yourself visually in a natural, respectful way. I have worked with many Genderqueer subjects, my style is about getting a sense of who you are while having you be yourself, not to shoot you with any particular agenda in mind. 
This series has meant a huge amount to me and I have been very lucky with the people I’ve shot thus far. 
My intent is to have a show once the whole series is done, but more importantly, I want to explore this movement, as I’ve never felt the binary system made sense.
I am looking for people of all ages, races, etc and you will get copies of the final images. 
I have won lots of awards for my work, which you can see at
Email me here:


Hi! I’m Micah and I run Neutrois Nonsense across many platforms.

Take this quick survey to help me get a sense of who my audience is and how my online work can best serve you.

Reposting this for those who didn’t see it.

Thanks for all of your feedback, it’s been super encouraging to read it!

Oh I’m in this article!

Micah’s post gets at a crucial point about the agender movement as its members see it: It’s not merely a stop on the way between one gender and another—it’s the embrace of both/and, neither/nor. No one feels entirely comfortable in his or her—or their—own skin all the time, especially young people, but for Sasha and Micah and Mark and Sarah, the rejection of the gender binary is something more serious and, presumably, more permanent: a personal and political identity.

Whether or not an A for agender ever makes it into the LGBTQ umbrella, for the time being, the community has, ironically, been defined by its unwillingness to be defined. 

Question from a reader:

"i’m having trouble with my chest, i guess. not when i’m naked, not when i’m alone (or alone with my partner). i only have trouble with my chest when i’m in public. i consider top-surgery now and then, but i know i’d miss my breasts when naked and alone. when i’m naked and alone, i feel whole.

i think you’ve been in a place similar to this place. i guess this message is asking for reassurance that this place is real, that real people have gone before me.”

Read the answer here.