A summary of Norrie’s case in Australia, the implications it has for legal gender in other documents, and what comes next.

This is what lies next for Norrie: Do laws prevent someone “nonspecific” from marrying a man? Same-sex marriage is illegal in Australia. But can a xie marry a he? Having freed herself from one large lump of legal kryptonite, Norrie now intends to find out.

What’s the problem with girl LEGOs? Why is everyone against pink?, ask many parents. I’ll let Rachel Giordano answer that question: “Because gender segmenting toys interferes with a child’s own creative expression. I know that how I played as a girl shaped who I am today. It contributed to me becoming a physician and inspired me to want to help others achieve health and wellness. I co-own two medical centers in Seattle. Doctor kits used to be for all children, but now they are on the boys’ aisle. I simply believe that they should be marketed to all children again, and the same with LEGOs and other toys.”



Please Support: WE EXIST

WE EXIST is an upcoming film that follows the life of Lauren, a person who identifies as gender neutral, as well as the life of others who exist outside the binary gender structure of female and male.

Here’s where you come in:
From January 1, 2014 — March 1, 2014 the creators of WE EXIST are offering an exclusive opportunity to feature YOU in their film. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps!

1. Record a 3-5 second video clip of yourself saying the following statement:

“[First name only]. [Your city/town] . I exist.” (Example: “Lauren. New York City. I exist.”)

2. Next, submit your video via email to Enlist@WeExist.co

3. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours once they have reviewed your submission.

Help them out! This is important work!




If you get past the first few bleak paragraphs, you’ll find an in-depth - and rather hopeful - linguistic analysis of gender-neutral pronoun adoption.

"For instance, Zimman says, the use of the generic “he” wasn’t an accident, but the result of an act by the British parliament that ordered that official documents be edited to use it. Prior to that, use of the singular “they” was common in formal writing.”

see quote ^^




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All toys sold at department store Marks and Spencer will be gender neutral from Spring 2014, the company has confirmed.

The news came via Twitter on Tuesday after a number of Christmas shoppers took to the social networking website to complain about the store’s separate toy ranges for male and female children, accusing it of “casual sexism” and “gender segregation”.

The initial tweet came from Jane Merrick, who said she had planned to buy her daughter the store’s Marble Run game for Christmas  - before realising it was listed under the header “boy stuff”.

Looks like non-binary gender identities are making the mainstream news in a slightly less superficial way than usual. Sadly this new awareness was spurred by a violent event.