the obama administration says this will be handled on a case-by-case basis. so NB U.S. citizens - if you are able and wishing to do so, consider now attempting to apply to change your legal sex marker to an X! if they really are willing to consider it, perhaps someone will be the first ever legal recognized nonbinary person in the U.S.!

we believe proposals to change when and how gender is listed on official documents should be considered on a case-by-case basis by the affected federal and state agencies. However, that consideration must be informed by best practices and a commitment to honoring individuality and ensuring fairness.”

I think it would necessitate a strong and lengthy legal case and a brave individual to put themselves out there and advocate for a non-binary gender marker. The door has been cracked open to the possibility. 



No matter where I go in this nation to train on trans inclusion, whether it is the Midwest to the coast, the main concern always, ALWAYS brought up are restrooms (and locker rooms). I for now on will just show this video and then do education on how their attempts to make a joke of it, just isn’t funny it makes them look silly. Way to go Illinois State University!

Journalist looking to interview a non-binary person in non-urban area

Last week I had a lovely conversation with a journalist from the Washington Post who is looking to interview non-binary identified people in non-urban areas in the US. It sounds like she’s doing lots of research beforehand and taking a personalized approach.

If you’re interested, please get in touch. 

Details below:

I’m interested in doing a story about people who do not identify as male or female – who prefer gender neutral pronouns and physical presentations. My hope is to be able to give an honest, accurate representation of what it’s like, in 2014, to be a gender neutral person in a world that is still set up for binary genders. I’m interested in people who do not live in urban areas like New York or San Francisco, and are not necessarily visible activists.

I’m interested in ordinary people living their lives in more rural parts of the country, who are willing to let me spend time with them. I want to be sensitive to privacy issues, and am willing to be open to discussions of anonymity or omitting identifying details from my reporting.

My email address is It might be easiest for people who are interested to email first and tell me a little bit about themselves, and we can go from there.



A summary of Norrie’s case in Australia, the implications it has for legal gender in other documents, and what comes next.

This is what lies next for Norrie: Do laws prevent someone “nonspecific” from marrying a man? Same-sex marriage is illegal in Australia. But can a xie marry a he? Having freed herself from one large lump of legal kryptonite, Norrie now intends to find out.

What’s the problem with girl LEGOs? Why is everyone against pink?, ask many parents. I’ll let Rachel Giordano answer that question: “Because gender segmenting toys interferes with a child’s own creative expression. I know that how I played as a girl shaped who I am today. It contributed to me becoming a physician and inspired me to want to help others achieve health and wellness. I co-own two medical centers in Seattle. Doctor kits used to be for all children, but now they are on the boys’ aisle. I simply believe that they should be marketed to all children again, and the same with LEGOs and other toys.”



Please Support: WE EXIST

WE EXIST is an upcoming film that follows the life of Lauren, a person who identifies as gender neutral, as well as the life of others who exist outside the binary gender structure of female and male.

Here’s where you come in:
From January 1, 2014 — March 1, 2014 the creators of WE EXIST are offering an exclusive opportunity to feature YOU in their film. All you have to do is follow these three simple steps!

1. Record a 3-5 second video clip of yourself saying the following statement:

“[First name only]. [Your city/town] . I exist.” (Example: “Lauren. New York City. I exist.”)

2. Next, submit your video via email to

3. Lastly, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours once they have reviewed your submission.

Help them out! This is important work!




If you get past the first few bleak paragraphs, you’ll find an in-depth - and rather hopeful - linguistic analysis of gender-neutral pronoun adoption.

"For instance, Zimman says, the use of the generic “he” wasn’t an accident, but the result of an act by the British parliament that ordered that official documents be edited to use it. Prior to that, use of the singular “they” was common in formal writing.”

see quote ^^