Although there are many English-language resources and glossaries about transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary terms, there are not as many in other languages. I have begun a few pages at the Non-Binary Wiki, which anyone can edit, to list terms and their meanings in a few languages:

Glossary of Chinese gender and sex terminology

Glossary of Japanese gender and sex terminology

Glossary of Korean gender and sex terminology

Glossary of Russian gender and sex terminology

Glossary of Spanish gender and sex terminology

More will be added - these were created as just a start to this project and anyone is welcome to create further language pages or edit the ones that already exist to add new terms, citations of sources, or correct any errors. I am focusing on collecting terms related to non-binary gender identity, although general gender and sex terms can also be added to these glossaries. I am very excited about this project!


Anonymous asked:

I really appreciate how helpful your blog is, so I thought I'd translate that japanese link :) it's pretty self-explanatory, but for those who don't know how top surgery works it might be helpful. to my knowledge, here's what it says: 1) before surgery 2) create new nipples 3) make incisions next to the breasts, cut and remove extra skin, remove fat & mammary glands 4) sutures 5) remove skin on parts where the nipples will be sutured 6) suture new nipples 7) after surgery. I hope this helps!

(Somehow my queue wasn’t working the other day, but I’ll post this again.)

Thanks for the translation to this article of FTM Surgery Diagrams which explains more of what I covered in my post about top surgery results.